Le Ventoux à Vélo

A week long commission following a dedicated group of cyclists as they journey 400km across France culminating in a climb up Mont Ventoux. Over 10,000 images were taken during the commission that were painstakingly made into a beautiful book.

The final image selection was sent over to Paul at ‘Stark Creative’ (www.starkcreative.co.uk) where he used his considerable talents to create a stunning 300 page book. Paul wasn’t content with just one paper stock throughout the book but decided to use two and separate the journey into two halves. For the first half, a matt paper stock was chosen and the images de-saturated slightly giving a real gritty, atmospheric feel and second half full colour imagery on a satin paper stock with images chosen to reflect the showing the lighter side to the journey. The book was produced in a limited production of 50, with all copies already reserved.

The team have asked me to shoot their next ‘journey’ which will take place on the beautiful island of Corsica in May 2013. The 2013 Tour De France will be following in their footsteps a few months later, the first time the tour will be in corsica.

I am planning to update my website as frequently as possible during the week to share with the world the experience – for all the cycling fanatics out there, it will give you a sneak peek as to what to expect with the Tour De France in the summer.

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Client:Le Ventoux à Vélo